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Compass Go app for iPhone and iPad

4.5 ( 1815 ratings )
Utilities Navigation
Developer: Tommy Westerberg
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.2, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 21 Oct 2008
App size: 431.46 Kb

Find your way back or the direction to a specific place, in the easiest way! Use Compass Go whenever you find it easier to follow an arrow to your target than to read a map. Featured in Apple TV commercial Itchy. Works on all iPhones!

Macworld (US) gave Compass Go a great "four mice" rating, June 2009, saying ... when it comes to finding a location, especially with an iPhone 3G, Compass Go gets the job done and ...if you have an iPhone, Compass Go is fun for the wow-factor alone

1. Tap Set Target, Use current location and you are done!
2. To find your way back, watch the target arrow and distance change.
3. As you get closer, the background changes from blue to orange to green.

Perfect for finding your parked car or a place on a festival, in the forest, on a beach or any situation where a map doesnt work well. When used together with a friend who also has Compass Go, you can send your position so your friend can easily find you without having to figure out the map. If they dont have Compass Go, there is a link to Google Maps as well.

Application features:

* Simple GPS compass
* Accurate sun compass
* Target finding device
* Geocache search tool (set your target coordinates manually)
* Multi purpose navigation helper utility
* Magnetic declination indicator
* View positions in the map application with driving or walking directions.
* Bookmark your location via email
* Email your location to others
* Simple speed meter
* Simple altitude meter
* Iphone OS 3.0 compatible

When using the live compass, make sure you walk in a straight line to get as accurate compass readings as possible.
It only works outside, just like any other GPS compass.

You may also use this application together with an ordinary compass to achieve a very exact target finding device. The application also has a built in magnetic declination indicator (red/white arrow) which compensates for the local declination.

If you dont have a GPS iPhone (3G), your direction may be very wrong at times. Use the sun compass to confirm your direction. Generally it works quite well when there is good cell-phone coverage. You have to move more than the (±) accuracy limit to get a new reading.

We really try to answer all emails within 48 hours. If you have not received a reply, please try sending it again. We will answer you.

NOTE: Compass Go does not work on iPod Touch and it should not be possible to download it, unless you have an iPhone. Please contact Apple if you managed to download it anyway.

Pros and cons of Compass Go app for iPhone and iPad

Compass Go app good for

I have tried about 5 different compass apps. And this one is by far the best. Dont get the sun compasses. Get this one. But be sure to walk at a fast pass fir at least 20meters to get an accurate reading. So still not a great compass, but Im givin it a 5 because it is way better than the other ones.
Вещь супер, не хватает установки цели тыканием на карту. Please add the possibility to set target by clicking the map, on the go or other easy way to set target where the user has not been.
All of you people giving bad reviews need to realize that there is nothing in the device that allows you to detect magnetism, you cannot create an app that can magically make that happen, if you want your heading without moving you use the sun. If you want a magnetic compas, wait for os 3.0 to come out, then someone will be able to create one that attatches to the phone.
I bought this App mainly because of the compass that I saw moving on the Apple commercial. I sometimes drive around areas that I am not too familiar with, and while driving, I get all confused if I am going north, south, east or west. I have already driven the wrong way for a few miles and thats really frustrating. Anyway... so I bought this App and at first, was a bit upset (with a good outcome later), because of course, I turn the Compass on (and the Location On too) while I am at home, sitting on the sofa, and the compass was not pointing North where I knew North was!!!! So I walk around the house and its still not pointing right. I was quite upset. So I emailed tech support and received a sweet and fast response. He said that I really had to be moving, as in walking further (instead of just going to the kitchen and the backyard), or in the car driving. The next day, I go run some errands. And while driving, I turned Compass Go on and voilá!!! It worked perfectly and accurately!!! So Im happy now!! The only reason why I gave 4 stars instead of 5, is because I have not yet tested all the features, like setting the Target, like a parked car... (and I dont hike, so I wont need it to find my way back in the woods). But Im sure it will be put into good use next time I visit the Sawgrass Mills Mall near my house which is a huge mile-long Mall, and you often walk around and forget which entrance of the Mall you came in and then cant remember your way back. Ill post another review once I try that. Thanks again for the great App!
Im quite satisfied, if you people would actualy read and comprehend how to use it, you would see that this is a useful and exelent app.
I bought this app even after reading the many negative reviews. I had this feeling that Apple wouldnt have included it in their commercial without checking it out and deciding that it was worth it. So I was willing to take the chance. After reading the instructions, I found that this app worked perfectly and exactly as described; in fact it was pretty cool and useful. Folks, this is not a magnetic compass. You cant just hold it and have it point north. It is a GPS tracking device. You must move, as they suggest in a straight line, and then it quickly picks up your location and gives you loads of useful information. Hats off to the developer for developing a very cool app; and my condolences for having to put up with dork reviewers who feel reading instructions is beneath them.

Some bad moments

I have installed in my Iphone 4 but unfortunately, it did not work.
sorry, but the compass is spinning around and just if you walk very fast in just one direction the correct target is displayed. but in the moment you stand still it is lost. funktioniert noch nicht richtig. nur wenn man schnell in eine richtung geht, zeigt es für sekunden die richtige zielrichtung an. sobald man stehen bleibt, dreht der kompass wie wild im kreis herum.
Hay so where is it? I downloaded it, but nowhere on my phone. After reading mixed reviews Im inclined to agree with the bad reviews. You guys need to fix this app before publishing it. Wasting everyones time.
After seeing this on the itchy commercial, I thought Id take a look. Fifteen minutes after purchasing, I doubt Ill attempt to use it again unless theres a major update to functionality. The UI is very nice, but I expected the compass to actually function. It doesnt, and in fact it isnt even close. In Live Compass mode, I walked in a straight line as instructed, and the compass wheel begin to spin. Unfortunately, where it landed was wrong, multiple times. I have the 3G iPhone and allowed Compass Go to use my location settings. The map portion located me perfectly, so both the GPS in the phone & Compass Gos capacity to open a map using the coordinates are both working as expected. My review is meant to elicit an update, ideally, or at least some detailed instructions from the developer on how he is able to make this function as a compass. If theres a trick, please share it. Thanks.
sorry to dissapoint, but be careful with this one. it doesnt always work...and it not a "basic" compass. i think with a few tweaks and updates, it might get there but right now not even worth it.
Crummy. Should be free and even then its useless on an iphone.